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Commercial damage restoration means the difference between a business shutting down, and getting back to its normal operation and continuing with the show. We know how devastating it is to have a disaster strike in the office, and our team is available around the clock to provide water damage restoration services to help you. Whether you’ve been hit with a storm, an accident, or a flood, call us. Our professional technicians can get the danger out of your building, and get to work on restoring your belongings and furniture to their original state with commercial damage restoration. Call us right away for help, information, or a free estimate.

Whether you are in the midst of an emergency or things have calmed down a bit by the time you call, our response is rapid, and our service is complete. Our technicians arrive and you will be reassured by the professional manner in which they are able to take charge and move forward with their expert commercial damage restoration techniques. If you have a body of water in your building, we will pump it out quickly. If your furnishings and building are soaked through, we will use efficient equipment to dry them out quickly. In most cases, if we are called quickly, we can save much of what our customers thought was lost. Don’t hesitate, give us a call now to find out what we can do for your situation.

Commercial Damage Restoration from Flood
When an office has been flooded, whether from a storm or faulty plumbing, a roof leak or what have you, a lot of damage can occur. Desks, computers, the building structure itself, can be heftily injured by water damage. Our team is expert in getting your building dried out as quick as possible, and not allowing that water to really sink in and do the damage it could if left for longer.

The level of damage possible from flooding ranges from severe to substantial, and we are equipped to bring our high-technology solutions to any circumstance. When we’re called for commercial damage restoration, we assess the property and the possible damages. If there is a great deal of standing water, we utilize industry-specific high velocity pumps that are capable of removing hundreds of gallons of water per hour. This can be quite reassuring to people with several feet of water in a basement, for instance. Our on-site team must determine the level of contamination in the water. Was there raw sewage, or did natural floodwaters become contaminated as they overflowed banks and picked up animal feces and the like? These situations require specific biocides to avoid disease and infection.

Commercial damage restoration also utilizes powerful suction vacuums and squeegee devices to get the last of the standing water, and the majority of the soaking water from fibers such as carpeting. This is accompanied by industrial-grade dehumidification and air circulating equipment, to speed drying. We use technology that can look inside walls and through floors to identify wet spots that need attention. We’ll be employing steam cleaning, anti-mold solutions and odor remediation. If mold has sprouted, we provide professional mold remediation.

We will take care of all aspects of commercial damage restoration for your office so you don’t have to lose any more time off the job. We’ll work to get you back up and running as fast as possible. Call us now to get quick help for your building.

We are a water damage restoration company that handles commercial damage restoration in Tempe and the surrounding cities.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
The same great service you have come to know and trust for your home is now available for your office, business, and retail locations! At Tempe Flood Rescue Services, we know that the way your business looks can directly affect your success. Unsightly soiled carpets with stains, compression or wear and tear don't make for a good first impression. Fortunately, all those issues can be eliminated in one fast, effective visit from Tempe Flood Rescue carpet cleaning.

Our commercial carpet cleaning services use the same deep-cleaning technique and all-natural cleaning solution to get the great results we produce in our customers' homes. In addition, we specialize in making high-traffic commercial carpet look like new again and can even clean furniture that's been stained or soiled. Tempe Flood Rescue commercial carpet cleaning offers a quick way to give your business a much-needed makeover without going over your budget. Call us to find out more about our commercial carpet cleaning services!

Tempe Flood Rescue Services commercial carpet cleaning services specialize in high-traffic area problems such as:
Unsightly stains and spills

Compression and irregular wear

Dull, lifeless carpet appearance. Odors

Tempe Flood Rescue Services also provides the following commercial cleaning services:
Tile and grout cleaning – Restore the shine and professional image to your office or retail establishment with routine tile and grout cleaning for floors and bathrooms.

Air duct cleaning – Keep your office or business smelling fresh and clean and also improve the quality of your indoor air.

Upholstery cleaning – From waiting room furniture to dining room chairs, call Tempe Flood Rescue Services for a complete clean you can trust.

Carpet repair – High traffic areas can quickly become frayed, stained or compacted. Clean and correct common carpet problems all with one quick call.

Count on Tempe Flood Rescue Services when first impressions matter! As a business owner, you already know that first impressions make lasting impressions. Don't risk ruining your reputation with soiled carpets, unsightly stains on furniture and grime in the grout. One simple call to Tempe Flood Rescue's business carpet cleaning services can handle all your carpet, upholstery, tile and air quality needs.

Discover The Difference Discover our commercial business carpet cleaning difference for yourself:

  • Schedule at your convenience. Our professional and courteous staff is available at your convenience so you don't lose business while performing routine cleaning.
  • Tax Deductible. As a business owner, the I.R.S often doesn't allow you to fully deduct your time when performing routine cleaning and maintenance. Have Tempe Flood Rescue Service do it instead and write off the full cost as a legitimate business expense.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured. Don't put your small business at risk by hiring in-house maintenance workers. Instead, reduce Workers Comp, insurance, and other premiums by outsourcing your carpet, tile and other cleaning needs to the licensed, bonded, and insured Tempe Flood Rescue staff members.

Simply ring us up at (480)-418-6979 whenever you need your house or commercial premises to be restored